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Genumedi® E+motion®

Genumedi® E+motion®

Knee support for compression of soft tissue

There can be many causes of pain in the knee: Injuries, strains caused by overloading or operations, mild arthrosis, arthritis or mild instabilities. The Genumedi E+motion knee support supports you by effectively alleviating these complaints. The integrated silicone quartz pad with a 3D profile creates a beneficial massage effect as you move. It also stimulates the circulation of the tissue. Working together with the compressive fabric, swelling and oedemas can be efficiently reduced and the healing process can be promoted. 

Alongside the tried and trusted medical effect, Genumedi E+motion scores extra points with its exclusive features in a sporty look. The breathable fabric made from active fibre and merino fibre support the thermo-regulation in both summer and winter, adapting perfectly to movement and also giving the joint extra stability for high stress during sport, at work or in everyday life. The quadruple silicon point coating ensures that the support always sits perfectly during all activities. The extra-large comfort zone in the bending region (hollow of the knee) is another new feature. It helps to prevent skin irritations and supports the wearing comfort.


Product benefits

  • Even firmer hold thanks to quadruple silicone point coating

  • Particularly high stability and even more freedom of movement at the same time

  • Relief of the kneecap thanks to the open border for the patella

  • Massage effect thanks to integrated silicone quartz pad with 3D profile

  • More freedom of movement thanks to extra large comfort zone

  • Optimal breathability thanks to active fibre

  • Improved thermo-regulation thanks to merino fibre


Intended purpose

  • Knee bandages for soft tissue compression

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