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Juxtalite Venous Insufficiency

Juxtalite Venous Insufficiency

Juxtalite is best known as an alternative to elastic compression stockings for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, it is also an excellent product for the treatment of mild to moderate Lymphedema of the lower leg. Because of its thinner and lighter material, Juxtalite is not recommended for severe cases of lymphedema. Juxtalite is an inelastic adjustable compression garment made of "Breath-O-Prene" and can be worn day and night. Available in 8 standard sizes and 2 leg lengths. Juxtalite can fit most patients. This alternative permits patients to apply the prescribed compression. Juxtalite has a warranty of 6 months.


This product can be worn 24h/7 days a week.


Classes: 20-30, 30-40 & 40-50 mmHG

Warranty: 6 months / manufacturing defect

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