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Mattress Overlay - 950 Gram Density

Mattress Overlay - 950 Gram Density

Highest quality 100% pure Sheep's Wool Fabric.

For Non-Health Purposes:
Sheep's wool pile density 550 gram or 700 gram. We recommend the 550 gram for those who are happy with their current mattress, and the 700 gram for those who like their mattress but need a bit more cushioning/softness.

For Health Purposes:
We have two health wool densities: 850 gram (1" wool pile) and 950 gram (1/2" wool pile woven between 1" wool pile). The 950 gram is exclusive to Soul Comfort Sheep's Wool & Hemp. We also recommend the 850 gram and 950 gram for those who aren't happy with the cushioning/softness of their mattress.

All mattress overlays are fitted with four elastic straps. If you will be using the mattress overlay for a hospital bed, please add that information in the comment section below, as we add two extra elastic with velcro straps. These are added on both sides of the overlay, where the health beds' crease lines are, to stop the overlay from buckling and creating added pressure points.

An added bonus: Sheep's wool keeps menopausal women with night sweats, dry!

Backing Hercosett-Resin treatment for full machine wash-ability:
Wash at 70°C (158 F) (Infections Control Canada) and tumble dry up to 85%, the residual moisture will not be felt and will disperse quickly on its own.

Colour: Natural
Sizes: Crib, Twin, Double, Queen and King

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