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Medi Skincare

Medi Skincare

Medy Day Gel

  • Medi Day cools and freshens throughout the day
  • Reduces the tension and sensitivity of the skin
  • Supports skin regeneration
  • Apply on the skin a few minutes before putting on the socks


Medi Night Care

  • Heals and relaxes the superficial layers of the epidermal
  • Helps regulate water balance
  • Accelerates regeneration and improves skin appearance
  • Apply to the skin after removing compression stockings and gently massage into the skin


Medi Fresh Spray

  • Refreshes and cools
  • Ideal complement to Medi Day Gel
  • Ideal for work or travel
  • Spray directly on to the compression stocking of the skin several times a day as required. The spray will not damage the knit of the stocking.

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