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Medi Textile Care

Medi Textile Care

Medi Clean

  • For the easy care of your compression garments - anytime, anywhere
  • The special washing liquid is specifically compatible for use with compression garments, cleaning with the utmost care
  • Tube: 150ml


Medi Spot Ex

  • The clever solution for stain-free compression garments
  • Use before the wash, the spot removal stick media spot ex removes shoe marks from the garment's toe or heel
  • Rouleau: 15ml


Medi Laundry Net

  • Gentle care helps compression stockings maintain their medical efficacy
  • The medi laundry net is the ideal aid for caring for compression stockings. The net structure protects the fabric against damage during the daily wash, but does not hinder the removal of dirt particles or soap residues
  • Gentle washing


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