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The Landing Strip®

The Landing Strip®

Superior Injury Protection


Only 1 inch thick with tapered to-the-floor edging

Prevents tripping and permits carts, chairs and IV stands to roll over easily.


A blend of ultra high density core foams
When covered, cheaper cores may look the same... but won’t perform the same.


Heavy duty vinyl cover, bonded to provide
greater impact distribution Helps transfer the force of a falling patient into and across the surface.


Non-Slip Vinyl base
This specially formulated composite is bonded around the perimeter of the pad’s core, then High Frequency Welded to the top fabric for a thin, strong seal. More than ever, the new Landing Strip stays where you need it.


Sealed Edges
Wipes clean to protect appearance and performance.


Unified, Durable Construction
Foldable mats can separate at the seams and encourage storage away from the bed. Should a fall occur while the mat is in storage, liability will increase.


Nite GloTM Edging

Helps patients and staff see their Landing Strip when lights are low.

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