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The Slide N Lock Repositioning Pad

The Slide N Lock Repositioning Pad

The purpose of the Slide N Lock Repositioning Pad is to keep your loved one or client in correct sitting posture and to give the caregiver the ability to easily reposition them if needed.


The Slide N Lock is tubular in shape. The outer layer is made of a non-slip fabric. Another special fabric is sewn to the inside of the Slide and Lock that has the ability to lock to itself helping to maintain proper posture for the client. If repositioning is needed the Slide and Lock will slide on itself toward the back of the wheelchair bringing your client to a proper sitting posture. Always use your facility's safety guidelines for repositioning.


  • Easy repositioning
  • Helps to keep proper posture
  • Padded
  • Comfortable
  • Washable


Model #5000

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